B.I.G. B.O.E. powerlifting programs are designed specifically for lifters of all ages, levels and experience. All programs are 100% specific to the lifter’s needs which will be evaluated by videos of performing specific lifts and a questionnaire that will be filled out to program for specific goals. Powerlifting is great for those who have some girth and want to put it to good use, as well as those who just want the strength of a girth monster! Template – Those purchasing the template will get an in-depth program customized to fit their needs and goals. There will also be a post-evaluation for each powerlifter at the end of their program. Weekly Coaching – Those purchasing the weekly coaching will get the same initial in-depth analysis as those purchasing the template, but will receive weekly feedback and adjustments on an individual basis. This will allow each powerlifter to be evaluated constantly, and get the most out of their weekly microcycles. Templates and Weekly Coaching are sold in 4, 8, 12, and 16-week mesocycles.

4 Week Powerlifting Template

  • After filling out the questionnaire please email it back to bigboestrength@gmail.com.