The lifters who want disgusting abs! These programs are completely designed to help our clients achieve their goals. Clients will still be evaluated on specific lifts to accommodate weaknesses and to progress correctly and safely. Goals for the general fitness program can be shedding some baby weight, obtaining that beach bod for summer, getting off that blood pressure medicine, and much more! Template – Those purchasing the template will get an in-depth program customized to fit their needs and goals. There will also be a post-evaluation for each individual at the end of their program. Weekly Coaching – Those purchasing the weekly coaching will get the same initial in-depth analysis as those purchasing the template, but will receive weekly feedback and adjustments on an individual basis. This will allow each person to be evaluated constantly, and get the most out of their weekly microcycles. Templates and Weekly Coaching are sold in 4, 8, 12, and 16-week mesocycles

4 Week General Fitness Template

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