The B.I.G. B.O.E. coaches have nearly two decades of experience working with athletes. It is here where there is a blend of multiple training principles to create the most resilient, well-rounded athlete possible. The goal here will not be a massive powerlifting total, or train to compete in the Olympics – the goal is to simply maximize your athletic potential by using a unique blend of methods proven to get results. Template – Those purchasing the template will get an in-depth program customized to fit their needs and goals. There will also be a post-evaluation for each individual at the end of their program. Weekly Coaching – Those purchasing the weekly coaching will get the same initial in-depth analysis as those purchasing the template but will receive weekly feedback and adjustments on an individual basis. This will allow each person to be evaluated constantly and get the most out of their weekly microcycles. Templates and Weekly Coaching are sold in 4, 8, 12, and 16-week mesocycles.

Sports Performance Custom Templates & Weekly Coaching

  • Once you purchase your custom template from BIG BOE Strength, you will receive an email with an attached questionnaire. You will be asked to complete the questionnaire as well as email videos of you lifting. We will use your answers, as well as your videos to design a custom template designed to help you reach your specific goals and address any weaknesses. We ask that you give us a week to design your program as each program is different and we do not want to send you rushed ideas. Everything will be thought out and tailored to your needs.